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It’s a burning desire to innovate and lead.

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Digital Marketing Amplifies When Mixed With Advanced Web Development

Lure Solutions came to life in 2009 when the industry lacked providing businesses with advanced and comprehensive solutions. We began small but the results of combining digital marketing, web development and software integrations resulted in superior results for our clients. 

Bridging the gap between these areas required building a team who had the vision for a cohesive working relationship. Today, we’re proud to have some of the best web developers, programmers, eCommerce architects, search engine specialists, advertisers, and designers.

John Fernandez

John Fernandez

Digital Marketing Director

Stephanie Williams

Stephanie Williams

Project Coordinator

Sylvia Chen

Sylvia Chen

Software Developer

Silvia Pangaro

Silvia Pangaro

Commercial Photographer


Ideation Is The Source Of Our Drive. Innovation Is The Fire In Our Lives.

We are passionately driven to educate and entertain the “why”. There is nothing more satisfying to us than witnessing a client understand and want to become more involved. By innovating and educating, we inspire our clients to reach new heights and add to their achievements. 

The fire from within grows when our best ideas help startups become profitable and help large brands become global. We Lure because we’ve been called to help others, to lead, and because we feel a deep sense of fulfillment every time our clients succeed. 

Core Values



Being Selective Over Technology Enhances Strategy and Implementation

Luring and converting our clients target audience into consumers is a strategic process. The level of effectiveness and efficiency is what determines the success. To accomplish this, we are selective of the technologies that we use and produce. 

There’s a saying that you get what you pay for, and this is true. From our marketing automation tools to the development platforms we use, we only master the best. This choice allows us to enhance our talent  This choice allows us to enhance our talent, and more importantly, it allows us to reach what is capable. 

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Made in Los Angeles. Diversely and Digitally Imprinted Internationally.

We operate out of five major cities in California. Rancho Cucamonga, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and San Francisco. California is the technology hub of the United States and a perfect place to understand the diversity that many of our clients need. 

Within the target audiences that our clients want, there are demographic operational gaps to fill. Digital marketing and E-commerce laws vary through out the world, as well as different payment gateways and shipping practices. We resolve this with our international infrastructure. 

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