DIY Tools For Businesses

Here is a quick list of DIY tools for businesses. These services meet our requirements for friendliness, support, and affordability.

Google icon

Google Business Email

Get a business email with cloud sharing that is secure and come with other business apps for $10 a month. Your email address will look like:

Use this if you have files to share, use Google Analytics for your website, pay for digital advertising on Google and if you need to be able to see Excel and Word. Having one account can help simplify tasks. 

Chase Business Banking

Chase Bank has one of the lowest fees for businesses merchant accounts. They also work with modern payment gateways for eCommerce websites that process transactions. Keep this in mind as not all banks will accept payments that utilized technologies such as Apple Pay or Android Pay. 

Chase’s low fees and ability to work with numerous gateways makes them one of our favorites to recommend.

QuickBooks Accounting

This famous program has advanced in many ways over the years. It is now offered cloud based too (online). The application is one of the easiest to use for small and large businesses. In addition, QuickBooks has a lot of integration abilities which can facilitate businesses that do eCommerce. 

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