GoDaddy Pro Web Design

Lure Solutions Is An Official GoDaddy Pro Web Design Agency

If you are like most, you want the best. Especially when it comes to website design. It so happens that people associate GoDaddy to web design, because GoDaddy is famous for providing hosting and domain services for websites. However, since they do not provide web design services, they created a program called GoDaddy Pro. Through this, they can select who will become GoDaddy Pro web design and development experts. This is a great way to provide its clients with reputable website designers and developers.

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Awesome Benefits For Clients

We’re happy to inform that Lure Solutions became a select GoDaddy Pro web design agency as of 2017. They have also listed us on their directory of Pro website designers. While this is exciting news, what is perhaps more exciting is how much expertise and information we can provide you as a GoDaddy customer.  

As Pro’s, we know the GoDaddy services extremely well and can make recommendations, manage your services and even add services that we talk about into your cart. This creates a huge relief to clients who simply don’t understand all the technical jargon or want to save money. We know what customers need more than anyone and this can save projects a lot of money by paying for services that are unneeded.

We love being a select GoDaddy Pro web design agency because their values match ours. Our clients receive better pricing for web design and even marketing. We finish projects fast and most importantly, we design and develop websites the right way.

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