Vector illustration of How To Make A Free Website

Atlas! You found a good instruction guide on how to make a free website. Before we begin, it’s important you know a few things.

This article is for people who:

  • Non-developers and non-designers
  • Don’t want to or can’t afford to pay for a domain name
  • Will not rely on website to perform or be a part of marketing practices
  • Want an extremely basic and simple website; just for show
  • Don’t have time or money to invest in a professional website


  • Domain =

There are many articles out there which disappoint people in the end. So instead, we’re going to tell you right away that in order truly have a free website, you will not be able to have a domain name

you need a personal or business domain name and hosting. The problem is, no company today exists that will give you a free domain. Instead they will tell you that you can have a free domain when you pay for their tools or hosting, which then becomes not free.

So now you are asking, wait then why are you making a guide on how to make a free website? Because you can use a website platforms domain extension for free. Say what?? Very simple. Easy DIY website platforms like Wix and Squarespace offer their platform for free but your domain name will need to include theirs. What is a domain name? A domain name is the website address, example If we wanted to have a free website, we could use Wix as the free website builder but our domain name would be something like

This domain name may not big deal to many, and for the most part it is not if you don’t plan on marketing from your website. If you do want to have your own domain, you can just pay these free website companies like Wix a minimal amount such as $19 a month. We strongly recommend that you do this if you need your own domain name.


The overall process of making a website can be easy or can be difficult. What determines the difficulty will be these four points:

  1. Purpose of the website
  2. Amount of information that you will publish on the website
  3. Technology abilities you want the website to have
  4. Marketing abilities you want the website to have

I know some of you are saying “wow I don’t know about all this”, but don’t worry we only had to write this because it’s honest. If I did not, we would not be professionals.

There are many ways to build a website today and many free tools. But the first thing you need to do is determine what kind of website you need because you will want to select the right website platform and tools for that job.

I want you to make a list of what you want your website to do for you. By that I mean, what is your intention? Here are the most common things people and businesses want their website to do for them.

  1. Display blogs and articles for people to read
  2. Sale a service like photography packages
  3. Sale products like hand made jewelry
  4. Sale digital goods like perhaps this instruction manual
  5. Get people to call you for consultations or to sale something over the phone instead of the website
  6. Get people to come to your location if you have let’s say a swimming pool
  7. Provide public information and resources

In your list I want you to prioritize which is the most important and least important. Does it matter? Yes it does. Some of the seven things you may want your website to do will require marketing potential, display potential and even a database. It can determine if making website for free is the right route.


Providing public information
If you chose this, let’s hope you don’t need a database because if you do, then you will likely need a website developer. If you need to provide a search tool that redirects to information that will be displayed on the website such as charts or spreadsheets, then I recommend a professional developer. But if you just need it to show PDF files, then DIY is okay for you.

Selling products online
If you are going to sale products online (not services), then how many? If you plan to sale 50 items or less then this guide is still for you. If you plan to sale over 50 items and have multiple categories, then I recommend you use Shopify, which will charge you about $29 a month. Don’t get me wrong, you can sale hundreds of items on a Wix website, but the reason why I advice to use Shopify or hire a professional eCommerce developer is because that number to us means you really want to make a business out of selling online. With that in mind, do you want to make mistakes and waste valuable time? Or would you rather pay a professional who will positively impact your sales.

Furthermore, if you plan to sale over 500 items, then you will probably want to use a professional eCommerce platform that you as a non-developer and non-designer will not be able to do it yourself. If you need to sale over 500 items, you may want to look into Magento, WooCommerce or Shopify built by professionals.



Write your content on Microsoft Word or get a free Google email account and use their free Google Docs to write your content. Every page your website should be a different Microsoft Word or Google Docs document. Properly write everything with main page title and sub titles.

Write clear call to actions. This means to write what you want your visitors to do clearly for them to understand.


Make a logo for your website. Use tools like to make a logo. At the end of making it, they will give you the option to save it and get a low quality version of the logo you made in exchange that you share on social media that you got a free logo from them.


Find pictures for your website. You can find websites that have royalty free pictures such as Make sure the pictures you get match what you are trying to convey.


Determine what website platform you will use. Wix is our choice for you because of it’s ease and it provides a free domain extension like we talked about. We are not listing WordPress and others because we feel Wix is the easiest way to make a website yourself for free.


Open an account with Wix. We recommend that you do not pay for their services until you watch their really easy tutorial videos and have spent at least some time trying to make your website to look and feel the way you want. Once you feel that the platform is doing what you want it to and if you decided you do want your own domain, then that is the point we recommend you pay for their service. It’s kind of like trying it out first.


Watch as many tutorials as possible from the companies instructions sections on how to user their tools. We cannot stress this enough.

If you decided Shopify was for you then below is the link to their tutorials.


Perform SEO (search engine optimization) on your website. Wix actually provides you a tool that helps you with SEO.


Create directory business listings online for your business. These directory listings are in example Google, Bing, Yellow Pages and Yelp. It is free to list your business with them and they also have instruction videos.

Make sure you put in the website address of your website on these directories so that people who find you via Google, Bing, Yellow Pages and Yelp, can go to your website. Making links, is called link building and helps your website rank higher.


Lure Solutions is a professional company that has helped small and large world wide businesses succeed. We don’t really recommend people making their own websites because there is so much that goes into making one and the truth is that platforms like Wix are limited. However, we understand you may have circumstances and we want just want to help.

We hope that this guide on how to make a free website will help you succeed. If at any point you felt not sure about what you’re doing or if you prefer to hire professionals to do it, we would appreciate your business.