John Fernandez

CEO and Digital Marketing Director

John Fernandez is the founder of Lure Solutions and the director of digital marketing. John has worked with large enterprise level brands and enjoys developing strategies for international operations.  

John Fernandez

Empowering Businesses With Advanced Technologies

“We are living in a completely new type of working environment and we don’t even realize it. It actually evolves every day. The technology of the future is available today for those who are willing to explore, develop and deploy it. 

Technology giants like Google and Amazon are providing the world with powerful platforms to build businesses on. Virtually, any type of business can be built on or improved by technology. Lure aims to develop software that automates tasks such as creation of reports, identifying KPI’s, identifying errors, communications, lead generation and more. In addition, Lure also dives into computer and mechanical engineering by developing simulators for businesses that create unique and effective user experiences.

By combining our passion for technology with strategic digital marketing, we help businesses truly separate themselves from the clutter of businesses around them. We provide solutions that cause business owners to rethink their potential and set higher goals.”

– John Fernandez