Renovation Glass Digital Marketing Project

Branding, Website, Marketing and Advertising for Renovation Glass

Renovation Glass Responsive Design
Client Industry

Custom glass manufacturing and installation


Strategy, logo design, website development, online marketing and advertising

About the project

We’re thrilled to have been chosen by America’s top property construction company to create a new sub-business from scratch. 

This project required a lot research and strategy in order to take this new born business from nothing to becoming the top choice of home owners who want glass shower doors and more.


Create a business from scratch and make it profitable within 3 months.


Branding and digital marketing strategy, including technology.


This business is profitable and began expanding within only 6 months.


The most searched term is “Glass Renovation”, however, our leader John Fernandez felt there was a certain ring to “Renovation Glass”. Sure enough, this name stuck and quickly gained 1st page ranking on the internet. 

Renovation Glass Logo

Website Design and Development

A website is the platform of a business in today’s world. We knew this website would receive a high amount of traffic, so it was necessary to build a professional experience. 

The website serves as a marketing tool and advertisement conversion tool. Everything from design to forms, was carefully crafted.

Renovation Glass Website